Ames Art Studio & Gallery
Registration Policies

At Ames Art Studio & Gallery, all art supplies and materials are provided and are included in your tuition. Occasionally we may need to charge an additional fee for classes that require expensive or specialty art supplies, but you will always be notified if there is a materials fee.
Insufficient Enrollment: Ames Art Studio & Gallery will make a full refund for any class cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. Voluntary Withdrawal: You may withdraw from any class up to 10 days prior to the first class meeting and receive a full refund, less a $25 administrative fee. No tuition refunds will be made after that time. Absences: No refunds will be made for student absences or scheduling conflicts.
Weather-related Closures: Ames Art Studio & Gallery will close with the Bedford Public Schools; Please check our website for closure information. Time will be made available for make-up classes during the week after the term ends. No refunds will be made for weather-related closures.
The online registration process sends a receipt of your online transaction to your e-mail account. Classes will be confirmed by e-mail, just prior to the start of class. Students or parents are encouraged to call Ames Art Studio & Gallery with any questions about enrollment status. In the event that a course is full, Ames Art Studio & Gallery will notify students and fully refund tuition. Ames Art Studio & Gallery will make a full refund for any class cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.
Late registrations may be permitted by the director after courses begin if there is sufficient space for enrollment. Please contact Ames Art Studio & Gallery for more information.
Ames Art Studio & Gallery reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment and will refund full tuition. Classes cancelled due to teacher absence or inclement weather will be rescheduled at the end of the program or at a mutually agreed upon time. There will be no refunds for weather-related closings.
SAFETY Ames Art Studio & Gallery will not be responsible for escorting or monitoring children being picked up by a Parent or Guardian after they attend a program. Additionally, please contact Ames Art Studio & Gallery as soon as possible if either a Parent or Legal Guardian will not be able to timely pick up any student after any program. Please use care when entering the building and parking areas and monitor children at all times.
PARKING Please park in side parking lots at 65 Great Road, in the event the parking lot is full please park in the shopping center across Pope Rd. Please use care when entering the building and supervise children in both the parking areas, crossing intersection if parked across the street and the entrances to the building.
FACILITIES Ames Art Studio & Gallery is located on the first floor of 65 Great Road, Acton directly off the foyer area, there is a secondary entrance in the back of the building off the yard. Under no circumstance any student is to climb the stairs as the second floor belongs to a separate tenant.  Parents, please supervise your students and siblings in these areas.
Ames Art Studio & Gallery programs are occasionally photographed and/or videotaped. Enrollment in a program authorizes Ames Art Studio & Gallery to have, use, publish, and reproduce photographs or video of you or your children and/or artwork for promotional and public relations purposes. You must contact Ames Art Studio & Gallery and submit a written request if you do not want you or your children to be photographed, to prevent photography from being published, or for posted photography to be taken down. ARTWORK Student artwork may be kept at the Ames Art Studio & Gallery studio for the duration of the student’s enrollment in classes. All artwork not retrieved at the end of a student’s enrollment may become the property of Ames Art Studio & Gallery. We will make every attempt to return lost or forgotten artwork to the correct student but retain the right to keep or destroy artwork left for more than 60 days.