About the Artists

Elizabeth Ames

Elizabeth Ames was born in Peru, and has had an inclination for art since she was very young. She studied to be a painter at the School of Fine Arts/Carlos Bacaflor from 1983-1988. Being their top student throughout her time there, Elizabeth learned how to paint with oil acrylics and watercolors by practicing with Victor Turpo and Mauro Castillo--giant painters specializing themselves in that technique. She studied at The Art School/Corriente Alterna, Suarez Vertiz workshop in Lima. Peru and has participated in several expositions around the world including Colombia, Bolivia, and of course her home country -the United States!

Ellie Bejar-Benz

I am part of a family that has always been involved in art, and I love it. One can say my blood runs with the paintbrush thanks to my Mother, Grandfather and Great-grandfather - all artists themselves! As an Illustrator/Fine Artist who is also talented at design work for digital media as well, I have strived throughout life to do everything possible to reach out into new horizons and explore new possibilities.